Our Guests

Cherokee Town and Country Club hosts many guests of members to our facilities. We kindly ask all guests of Cherokee to adhere to the following guidelines. Guests are required to be accompanied by a member at all times.

Dress Code

Guests Are Required To Observe Good Taste And Dress Appropriately When Visiting Cherokee Town And Country Club.

* Members are responsible to ensure their guests comply with Cherokee’s dress code at all times.

Town Club

Clubhouse Main Floor and Upper Levels

Men and young men 12 years of age and older will wear suits or sports coats and dress slacks, collared shirts, turtlenecks or mock turtlenecks. Ties, which are always preferred, are not mandatory. Ladies will wear dresses, skirts, tailored pantsuits, pants and blazer, dressy pant outfit or dressy attire such as slack or sweater-blouse combinations. T-shirts, denim and the like are not acceptable.

Terrace Level (Grant's and Tavern)

Men and women are permitted to wear appropriate casual attire which includes neat jeans, defined as jeans being free of holes or frayed ends, clean, dry athletic wear and appropriate length shorts. Cover ups and flip-flop type shoes are only allowed on the outside Terrace and in the inside hallways.


Shirts, pants, and shoes that are appropriate workout clothes must be worn.

Tennis / Paddle Courts

Appropriate tennis and paddle attire must be worn at all times while using the facilities. Appropriate clothing includes items specifically designed for tennis and/or paddle. Inappropriate items for gentlemen include cut-off denim, sleeveless shirts and t-shirts with graphic prints not specifically designed for tennis. When wearing compression shorts or pants, players must also wear a skirt, shorts or pants over them. Shoes specifically designed for tennis must be worn at all times on the tennis and paddle courts. Track shoes, basketball shoes and any other shoe with a black marking sole must not be worn. Please note that some items sold in the tennis pro shop are designed for fitness and yoga and not considered appropriate attire for tennis or paddle.

Country Club


Casual or golf attire is acceptable. Neat jeans, defined as jeans being free of holes or frayed ends, and Bermuda type shorts are allowed. Workout clothes, including t-shirts, are only allowed in the fitness center, locker rooms and hallways connecting the two. Bathing suits are not permitted.


Men’s and women’s golf slacks, skirts, or shorts are to be of conservative tailoring without slits above the hem and at least 17 inches in length or cut no more than 4 inches above the knee. Men’s shirts must have sleeves and a distinguishable collar, minimum of one inch, and be tucked into pants/shorts. Women’s shirts or blouses must have either sleeves and/or a distinguishable collar and be tucked in unless designed to flare out 3 to 4 inches below the waist. Appropriate golf (soft spike) shoes are required, with tennis shoes being permitted for junior golfers.

Hats and Caps: Men may not wear hats and caps in the clubhouse except for locker rooms, the Pro Shop and Fitness Center. Women may wear formal headwear in the clubhouse and may wear hats and caps in the Country Club. Hats must be worn bill forward.

Cell Phones

The audible use of cellular phones and other electronic communications are prohibited inside each clubhouse. Except in cases of medical emergency, audible use of mobile devices is only permitted in telephone booths, privately reserved rooms, locker rooms, parking lots, and select locations expressly indicated. Members and their guests may carry their mobile devices, but must keep the ringers or speakers of the devices on silent or vibrate and may discreetly use them for silent data transmission in all areas of the Club. “Mobile devices” includes cellular telephones, pagers, tablets, wireless accessories and similar devices, but does not include laptop computers.


Valet parking is available at the Town Club. Please note there is no valet parking at the Country Club location.


Cherokee Town and Country Club has a no-tipping policy.